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What’s the Best Handgun Safe

best handgun safe

Guns have been a part and parcel of our lives, history and heritage. Historically, they have existed and lived with us for so long, right from its primitive days and till today of advanced technology. In fact, only time can tell their true age.

Going back to the subject matter, which is “Handgun Safes”. This is an integral aspect of “gun safety laws”. The purpose of this law is to help prevent indiscriminate possession, handling, storage and usage of guns, in order to reduce the risk of unintentional death, injury or damage that may arise. As a result of these, lots of gun safety policies and requirements have been put into law in different countries, so as to control how guns are being handled, stored and used. Among all the different gun types, hand gun safety is heavily debated, due to their intricacies. Various safe manufacturers have developed and flooded the market with all kinds of gun safe, based on various safety requirements. However, the question now is; how do I know which is the best handgun safe?

Guns comes in varying sizes and forms, for me hand gun are the most intricate and delicate of all gun types, I mean, looking at things from gun safety perspectives. Did you say why?

You see, handguns are small in size, designed to be handheld, and of two major category; Pistol and Revolver.

These categories of firearm posses a lot of danger, because they can be easily hidden or concealed on an individual. Aside that, handling it is very easy, even a 3 years old can handle these sorts of weapon. What this implies is that, a sophisticated means of storing and protecting these arms must be implemented, and that is why it’s extremely important that you get your hands on the best gun safe; I mean you don’t want your children or any other un-authorized persons to get a hold of your gun, this could lead to a potential damage that might be unrecoverable.


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So what is a Gun Safe?

Safes have been with us as far back as the 18th century, pioneered by various inventors such as the Chubb’s brothers, for their burglar resistance safe, Henry Brown for his fire retardant & accident resistance forged metal safe in 1886.

They have evolved over time from ordinary storing and preserving of papers, into several sophisticated safe systems, for storing all kinds of important items, such as expensive jewelries, guns and other valuable items that restrict un-authorized persons.

Various organizations, industries and government agencies (Police), have implemented all kinds of safety rules in their various disciplines, such as the gun safety laws. These laws primarily indicate that guns must be kept in a gun safe by their respective owners. This is in accordance to guns access prevention laws, implemented by various countries and states, but based on their respective requirements.

Gun safes are a secure, protective safe box for keeping one or more guns. They are primarily used to prevent/protect the valuables within it. They are usually designed to be tough, so as to withstand/prevent, in cases of theft, during fire outbreak, or even flood, with the primary aim of keeping the content from been damaged as well as from un-authorized persons.

If you have kids at home, then it is extremely mandatory that you transport your gun safely within your home or vehicle with the aid of gun safe. The reason for this is to most likely prevent your kids from gaining control of your gun, which can lead to an accidental discharge; scenarios like this could be fatal and could cost you more pain than the actual price of a gun safe.

Your hand gun must be stored in a gun safe that is deemed not easily penetrable, though early gun cabinets were made and constructed of hardwood, wooden gun cabinets are no more recommended, as there are more advance steel gun cabinets that meets various standards such as: BS 7558, BS3621, IS.EN 50131, gun safe made from solid steel is more reliable and secured, than a gun safe made out of wood, even if it is hardwood.


We can easily categorize all gun safes based on the type of their safety locking mechanism, they include:

Mechanical Locks: Usually comprises of dial combinations and keys

Electronic Locks: Usually comprises of battery powered digital system, which includes digital locks and keypads for entering the required code or password.

Biometric Lock:This is a more advanced locking system that uses unique fingerprint identification security system.

Most of the vaults in the market today come with either one or a combination of these locking systems. The three systems highlighted above do have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

For instance mechanical locks are said to be the most reliable; however, there are problems associated to mechanical systems, they include:

  1. Consumes more time when trying to open the lock, due to the analog nature of their combination lock, dial and keys.
  2. You can misplace the key and that could end up in the hand of the wrong person, even your kids can get a hold of the key if you don’t keep it secured.
  3. An experienced burglar can easily open it with the aid of a crowbar or some tool.
  4. Also as it gets old, it becomes more unreliable, its tumblers can go out of alignment.

An electronic lock on the other hand is digitalized, so a password or code is required in other to open the lock. Though while these might provide higher level of safety, they also have a number of drawbacks, they include:

  1. They tend to have shorter life span due to their electronic components.
  2. It requires the use of batteries, and they need to be charged and replaced periodically.
  3. You are required to provide the password or code combination every time you need to use it.

Biometric lock systems are a lot unique, since it uses the physical characteristics or traits of the user, in order to open the safe. Most of the best biometric gun safes use the fingerprint system. Though they deliver extremely high level of protection to your valuables, however they are not perfect, as there are problems associated to them as well they include:

  1. Problem of false rejection and false acceptance
  2. Might require you to store your fingerprints at different angles.
  3. It is memory dependent; you can use up the available memory, in a multi-user environment.


Higher Return On Investment:

In the process of acquiring a gun, a lot of your valuable resources such as your time and money must have been utilized heavily. Guns are not cheap, so protecting your investment is a perfect reason to acquire a gun safe. Based on statistics, over 200,000 guns are stolen each year in home burglars. So keeping your guns and other expensive items in a protected safe is a wise choice.

Protect Your Family:

One of the major reasons why several kinds of gun policies and control laws have sprung up in the past few decades is to help prevent any form of accidental death, suicide and robbery that may arise as a result of wrong possession of arms. If you have kids at home, then you should consider keeping all your firearms in a safe that is deemed not penetrable by your children, you know they can be smart sometimes. This would help you prevent any unwanted discharge that could cost you more agony than the actual price of a gun safe.

Protect Your Other Valuable Assets:

Many gun safes have large storing capacity; some are even equipped with detachable shelves, to help you keep other valuable items such as expensive jewelries, your confidential papers, and any other thing which you don’t want accessible by others. Also most of these vaults are fire proofs, so aside burglar prevention; you are also protected against other disasters.


Firearms safe are extremely flexible to use, for instance biometric safes are very easy to use and operate, and they give you quick access to your gun at the most critical times.

Factors Of The Best Gun Safe For the Money

There are several factors that can be considered when trying to find the best choices of hand gun storages, however as a gun owner, you need to watch out for the most critical factors. Looking out for these factors can help you find the best hand gun safe that will meet your needs.

We have put together a number of factors we consider to be the most crucial factors, they include:

  1. Size/Capacity
  2. Weight
  3. Solid steel bolt locking system
  4. Fire Proof/Water Resistance
  5. Material Strength/Characteristics
  6. The Locking Mechanism
  7. Pry Resistance.
  8. Price Point


It is important to consider the size and capacity of a gun safe when choosing one. A larger safe is recommended of you intend to increase the number of your guns. A small safe will only accommodate one or two guns.


A safe weight is also a very vital feature to pay attention to. A large safe might not be applicable if you intend moving the safe around, they tend to have more weight and not too handy in terms of mobility. Large safe should be placed in a fixed position in your home. On the other hand lighter gun safe is advisable for easy mobility, especially when you have a single pistol, this would help you transport it safely within your home or in your car.

Solid Steel Bolt Locking System:

Bolts are required in order to keep the gun safe door locked properly to the safe. The bolt should be made out of solid steel and with the proper steel grades.The essence of the bolt locks is to aid strong connection between the door and the door jamb frame, so you are rest assured that the safe can be securely locked.

Fire Proof/Water Resistance: The occurrence of disasters such as fire and flood should not be overruled. Most especially in regions that are prone to such events, a fire Proof and water resistant safe is highly recommended.

Material Strength/Characteristics:

Strength is very critical to a gun safe, especially when under burglar attack, it needs to be very thick and of good steel characteristics. Storages with considerable amount of thickness and made from Strong steel materials are more reliable, than the ones made from thin materials, which can easily be opened with a crowbar.

The Locking Mechanism:

Biometric, mechanical and electronic/digital locking systems are the three main locking Mechanisms for most gun vaults. Please see “gun safes security locking mechanism”section for a detailed overview of these locking systems.

Pry Resistance:

Gun cabinets that are equipped with pry tabs tend to be much secured; this is as a result of the resistant brackets situated at the top and bottom of the pin bar bracket. Most of today’s cabinets are well equipped with this feature; this would help increase the level of protection.


Some of the best hand gun safes are within a reasonable price threshold, usually between $25 -$1500. Price varies depending on the locking system and size. Larger storages tend to be more expensive, but might be preferable if the number of your collection items increases over time. A part from size being a factor, the locking mechanism can also influence the price, for instance most biometric gun safe are between the $100 – $200 mark, in fact some of the best gun safe under 200 to 300 dollars are biometric. So as time goes by, prices of safe will continue to drop and it will be affordable by many gun owners.


Our reviews are based on several factors:

Our years of experience, testing out and using various firearms storages, from some of the best safe manufacturers such as:

(GunVault, Barska, Stack-On, Sentry Safe and Protex Safe Co, LLC)

Extensive research on the best gun vaults in the market, based on consumer satisfaction, feedbacks and ratings.

Reviews and feedback from families and friends who have used similar products.

Below are the lists of our recommended companies and their products. Any of these products would be a great buy; however it still comes down to personal preference.

GunVault Company

Gunvault is an American company, with over 20 years of history to back up their innovations. When it comes to gun safety and security, they are one of the top industry leaders. Their products are of premium standards and reliable. Though they have a wide range of products, however three of their gun safe stands out.


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Barska Company

Barska ranges of products are extremely high quality, their biometric gun safes are one of the best out there, and in fact we have had great success using their products. We have also received exciting feedbacks and testimonies from colleagues whom we have recommended their ranges of products to. There are also lots of good reviews and feedbacks from other firearms owners around the globe.


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It has been a heck of a task, in our journey of finding the best handgun safe. Many companies are springing up every now and then, the market is becoming too saturated with all kinds of products, a lot of questions still need to be answered, and there are myths that need to be uncovered. Hopefully, we have been able to demystify some of these myths and gave you a path to follow, so that your experience in getting the best gun safe will be a complete no brainer.

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