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The Best Affordable Gun Safe On The Market Under 1000 Dollars For Home

The Best Affordable Gun Safe On The Market Under 1000 Dollars For Home

When it comes to the issues of home security, an important strategy that you can implement is the acquisition of a good home safe. In my opinion, gun safes are the best category of home safes that every family should procure, if they want absolute peace of mind for their secured valuables. Even if you have good alarm system or other safety measures installed in your house, there is still the possibilities of an unauthorized persons gaining access to your resident and doing away with your belongings. This is where firearms safes come handy. Gone at the days when some of the best home security safe can be very pricy and not affordable by many. Presently, most of the sophisticated High-Tech home gun safes are some of the best gun safe under 1000 dollars.  Definitely, laying your hands on the best home safe, can act as an additional line of defense in your entire residential security measures.

There are different categories and types of home gun safes that have flooded the market in recent years, both online and at various local stores. It can sometimes be a daunting experience to choose the best gun safe on the market for your home, due to the amount of choices you can make. Also you need to take into considerations several other factors and ultimately your purpose of buying the safe. Some safes are designed essentially to secure your valuable items from damage due to external forces, like in the case of fire outbreak and other disaster. There are some that are designed to look small and compact and yet very sturdy in their construction! Think of some of the “best small gun safe” in our today’s market. These sort of safe are very handy in terms or ease of access and mobility of the secured valuables. Most home safes are also Pry Resistant, so as to help guard against burglar attacks. Even for the most experienced burglars, it will be very difficult to break-in.

Though your choice of home safe definitely depends on its purpose. For instance, if you want a home safe that you can move around, then you might consider going with a small gun safe, because these types are usually very compact and they aid easy mobility within your home. On the other hand, if you want an overall multipurpose, economical home safe where you can store all kinds of items, then we recommend you go for a heavy duty Wall safe. Wall gun safes are some of the top rated gun safes for home security defense.

Two of our best affordable gun safe, are wall safe from Barska and Protex Safe co, most especially the protex safe we love the design and the way it blends into the wall, it makes it looks very undetectable and well-hidden. Wall safe are much secured, heavy and they can be installed easily into your home wall, making it extremely difficult for burglars to carry it off. Aside from burglary protection they are also rated for fire and other form of disaster, so you can be rest assured of maximum protection for your secured items.  Majority of today’s firearm safes or home safes are made from solid steel materials and as such they tend to have good fireproof ratings, because they are made from high yield solid steel materials.

Another factor to consider is the type of locking mechanism that is built into the safe. Another factor to consider in your choice of home safe is the locking mechanism. There basically three major types they include Mechanical lock (Key lock), Biometric Lock, and Electonic/combination lock. Your choice of these lock types is a function of your taste and preference. I personally love home safe that has the biometric lock built into it, though they are not perfect, however they are very unique and they provide maximum security to my items.   Mechanical lock uses a key that you need to keep in check. The combination or electronic lock requires you to enter a set of codes in order to gain access to your saved items. Biometric lock requires the use of your physical traits such as your fingerprints in order to access the content of the safe.

Please see our best rated home safes section for our various home security safe reviews, and in particular see our wall safe reviews. Wall safes tend to be very handy for home safes. We give you the pros and cons of these products so you know what works best for you. Go here for a detailed report on the best handgun safe.


Every year many families and home owners around the world have their homes wiped out, either by unforeseen natural disasters or as a result of home burglary, and this on the other hand can lead to a complete loss of valuables that might not be easily recoverable. Therefore owning a home safe is definitely beneficial and could help you guard against these unexpected events, which can cost you even more loss than the actual price of acquiring a safe.

These are some of the benefits of owning a home safe.

1. You will experience absolute peace of mind, since you are rest assured that your important valuables are secured and cannot be accessed by un-authorized person.

2. These sort of safe are extremely flexible to use, they give you fast and immediate access to your belongings.

3. If you own a firearm, they you are rest assured that your guns will not get into the hands of the wrong person, even from your children. So chances of unexpected discharge are minimal if you are well disciplined.

4. There is higher return on your investment; your expensive jewelries and other valuable are safe from thieves. Also with a wall safe, which tends to have higher storing capacity, you will be able to store as many items within a single safe. So you don’t have to worry about buying additional safe.5. There are some very sensitive items that cannot be replaced during home disasters such as, Disk, Photographs, Tapes, e.t.c. With a home safe, these sensitive items are kept secured and can be recovered easily during such events.

6. You will be able to easily organize your important items directly within the safe. Most gun safes come with additional shelves, to help you organize and keep things clean and tidy.

7. You have variety of locking type, you can either go with a biometric lock, digital lock or even the traditional key lock, whichever way you go, you will have absolute peace of mind. Most of today’s safes come with sophisticated locking system that is deemed not easy to penetrate.

No matter what your needs may be, you will find an appropriate safe that will suit your style and budget, please see below for our best rated home gun safe for the money.

Top 5 best rated gun safes for home.

The home safe market is presently over-saturated at the moment, however from our years of testing out and using various residential safes, we can proudly say this is our top 5 best rated home security safe. These are the Top 5 that stands out from the crowd in our own opinion and they are worth your every penny. We have had great success using them and in addition to that, we have received great reviews and feedbacks from families and friends whom we have recommended either of these products. Definitely any of these safes would be a great buy; however it still comes down to personal taste and preference.

Below is our detailed reviews of home safes.

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