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GunVault NV200 NanoVault with Key Lock Fits Full Size 1911 Style Pistols Review

GunVault NV200 NanoVault


Overview GunVault Nv200 Single Rifle Safe

As at the time of writing this review, GunVault NV 200 is currently the bestselling safe under Guns safes and Cabinets category on Amazon.com. Could it be as a result of its low price tag or due to the compact/simple nature of its design?

GunVault NV 200 is very handy; it is the most ideal safe for those usually on the move; very friendly for air travellers, because it meets the TSA airline firearm guidelines. If you have your gun permit, then this premium grade portable gun safe will be your best companion, as you travel from one location to another. It’s currently one of the best handgun safes from gun vault and yet a very affordable gun safe by all.

The Nano Vault 200 comes with state of the art security features and components, 100% sturdy gun safe made in usa to help you secure your valuables. It’s powered by an easy to use key lock system, 21 gauge solid steel constructions and a 1.25 inch thick memory foam interior. It also comes with a secure cable, which can withstand up to 1500lbs of force, to help secure the safe around a fixed object. Its interior is padded to help avoid any form of wear and tear on the surface of your valuables.

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Features Of GunVault Nv200 Affordable Gun Safe

Dimension (Exterior): 9.5”x6.5”x1.75”.

21 gauge steel construction.

1.25 inch thick memory foam interior.

Compact design: fit perfectly in bags, vehicle or desk.

Security cable tested to withstand up to 1500lbs of external force

Perfect companion for home users and travellers.


  1. This gun safe is reasonably priced, it’s one of the cheap handgun safes in the market today
  2. Aids easy mobility, its light weighted so you can move it around easily. Carry it in your car, take it on a journey, and transport your gun within your home safely.
  3. The safe security lock is convenient to use.
  4. Provides additional protection, with the provision of a security cable.
  5. It’s compact, sturdy and made of high steel material.


  1. You might need to air out, the interior foam pad, so as to get rid of the unwanted smell.
  2. The safe key lock needs to be more robust in its design, in order to allow for fast reactive opening.
  3. You can misplace the key.
  4. It cannot accommodate more than one pistol.

 Ratings: 4.4

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