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Barska Biometric Wall Safe Black AX12038 Review

Barska Biometric Wall Safe Black AX12038 Review

Overview Of AX12038 – Biometric wall safe

When it comes to biometric security safes, barska products are among the best that you can get in our ever saturated market of today. Their products are top notch and with extremly good home safe ratings from numerous customers around the world. The Barska Biometric wall safe is your perfect companion at home, it hides perfectly in your home and can be painlessly concealed behind wall pictures, Mirrors or behind furniture.  The door makes it possible for it to sit flush against the wall, making it perfectly undetectable and concealed.  It equipped with an emergency key override, which will enable you to open the safe even without entering the required combination. It comes with two removable shelves to organize valuable items such as confidential papers, expensive jewelries and other items which you don’t want unauthorized access.  This safe was built to perfection for your home, Barska themselves considers it as one of the hardest safe to break into, since it’s existence is not easily detectable by anyone. It’s Sturdy in construction and made from high quality solid steel material. Barska Biometric Concealed wall safe, will give you absolute peace of mind for your secured items. The extra level of security comes from its locking mechanism. With it’s advanced biometric lock, you can be rest assured that no intruder can gain entry into the safe. This is a unique technology and it keeps your valuables in a unique way. Barska Biometric wall safe is worth your every penny and perfect for your home.

Below is a short video review of Barska family of biometric gun safes, all their product use very similar technology. Read more about finger prints gun safe

Features Of Barska Biometric Concealed Wall Gun Safe With Fingerprint Lock

Finish:   Black Steel

Weight:  28.8

Interior Dimensions:   13.75 x 3 x 19

Exterior Dimension:   15.5 x 3.73 x 20.75

Fingerprint Memory:  Yes, 120 Users

Fireproof: No

Two solid steel motorized locking bolts

Pre-drilled holes

Operates on 4-AA batteries (included)

Includes two removable shelves, protective floor mat ensuring that items are not scratched, set of emergency back-up keys and mounting hardware.


1. The Fingerprint reader works flawlessly every single time; it gives you fast access to its content.

2. This particular model AX12038 from barska can hold more fingerprints data (120 unique data), than other model such as the AX11620, AX11224 and AX11556, which can only hold 30 unique fingerprints data.

3. This wall safe from Barska is extremely easy to set up, nothing too technical.

4. It notifies you with a beep when it reads your finger print correctly, but you can turn off the beep if you need to open the safe in stealth mode.

5. This wall safe is well built, sturdy in construction and made from quality steel material.

6. It is equipped with interior shelving, which makes it easy for you to store and organized as many items as possible, such as firearms, ammo, wallets, Money, credit card and other items of yours.


This safe has performed beyond our expectations; we are still yet to get a negative review of this particular safe.

Ratings: 4.7/5

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