What’s The Best Biometric Gun Safe?

My Pistol is a total reflection of my personality; yeah I love it, so I gave it the best gun safe treat ever. Owning it and having a stylish quick access to it feels good, in fact my Pistol and its safe influences and reflects my sense of pride, personality and confidence.

However, in as much as I love my firearm, I love even more and willing to protect every other aspects of my life “my Family, my Friends, my Environment and the society out there. Okay enough of that gesture!

So you possess firearms that suits your personality as a person, you are willing to give it a presidential treat by enclosing it with the best gun vault ever. Of course, for the most elegant and stylish personality or individual, biometric firearms safe is always the ideal choice. However, with the continuous influx of all kinds of gun safes, fingerprint pistol safe and devices into the market, it could be a daunting experience or task when trying to identify which is the best firearm vault in our ever saturated market of today.

Hey! You are not alone; we have put together this resource, a one-stop solution, an all-inclusive comprehensive guide to help you find the best biometric gun safe that your weapon deserves.(Read our detail guide on best handgun safe).

The Absolute Guide to Biometric Gun Safes Chart

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So what on earth is a biometric gun safe?

Before I dive into the nitty gritty of what the subject is all about, I will like to emphasize that the subject “gun safe” is such as an important aspects of “gun safety”, in fact the government of most countries places a high premium on gun safety, and of course the purpose of gun safety is to eliminate or reduce the risks of unintentional death, injury or damage that might arise as a result of improper possession, storage or handling of firearms. They advised that, those in possession of any firearms, weapons, guns are to keep their weapon in gun safe. If guns are not properly stored or handled correctly, there is a high tendency for disaster if it gets into the hands of the wrong person. According to a report that was published by Marc Weber Tobias, an Investigative Attorney and Physical Security Specialist on Forbes.com which stated that “Unsafe gun safes can be opened by a three year old” clearly shows that some gun safes have some security-defectives in their design.

Check out the video below to see how a 3 years old was able to open the so called gun safe, which was supposed to protect the guns from the subject in view. If you have little kids at home, then it’s of optimum importance that your guns are extremely secured and cannot be accessed by your kids.

The video above exposes some of the faults in unsafe gun safe. This on the other hand indicates that, a much more sophisticated gun safe security system that cannot be easily compromised needs to be implemented by all major gun safes manufacturer. This would then take us back to our initial discussion “what is a biometric gun safe?”

When I think of biometric gun safe, seven important criteria stands outs, they are: uniqueness, performance, universality, acceptability and circumvention. These criteria are what separate the biometric gun safe security system from any other type of gun safe systems out there.

Biometric firearm vault security systems are extremely unique; they use the physical/logical characteristics or traits of human body to secure the items in the safe. The technological concept behind this is that, the use of biometric identification increases security, making the safe a reliable location for storing sensitive materials and objects which you don’t want un-authorized approval.

Though biometrics technology uses various unique human characteristics; such as iris scan, fingerprints, hands, facial scans, voice recognition, and even DNA testing can all be used in biometrics.

Most biometric firearms safes, uses the fingerprint scanners as the means of identification, also the technology used for fingerprint scanners are extremely easy to install on a safe.

Biometric gun safes, provides additional level of security to your pistols, since everyone has unique fingerprints or thumb prints, so accuracy is assured.

It’s not a surprise that most people always go for the biometric gun safes, due to the extra level of security it provides. You can be rest assured that your sensitive and costly items such as jewelries, money, pistol, your confidential documents and other belongings are secured. Yes! Biometric gun safe are that good, in fact they act as a mini defense system, if you like to see it that way.

How Does Biometric Security System Works?

You might be wondering how this technology works. Well, biometric security systems works by checking users against a database of recorded traits, in the case of most biometric gun safes, fingerprint is always the recorded traits that is been stored in the database.

Most biometric firearm safes in the market today, have their locking mechanism capable of storing and retaining up to 32 fingerprints in their memories, so that the fingerprint can be accessed faster.

Basically, when user request verification with the aid of their fingerprint or hands, the mounted biometric security system holding the fingerprint database, reads the users traits (fingerprint) and compares it with those stored in its database.

If authorization does no pass, the user is rejected. If authorization passes, the safe will be now be accessible by the user “Biometric security systems are very intelligent”.

In its simplest ideology, this describes the way by which most biometric security system works.

Pros & Cons of a Biometric gun safe

Just like with every other system in life, we know that no security system is 100% perfect. We have compiled what we perceive to be some of the pros and con of biometric firearms storage and in general the security systems in question.


  • UNIQUENESS: Biometric gun safes are extremely unique, due to its accurate fingerprinting technology. Everyone has unique fingerprint or thumbprints, so accuracy is assured. The probability of two people sharing the same biological data is virtually impossible; this ability completely nullifies any un-authorized approval to your gun safe, you are literarily the key to your gun safe.
  • INCREASED SECURITY: The biometric gun safe provides additional level of security to your belongings, they are intrinsic properties of an individual, so it is extremely difficult to duplicate or share, it’s completely Non-transferable, also the biometric traits are nearly impossible to forge or spoof, so you can be guaranteed of total safety and security of your items or guns.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Biometric gun safes are high quality and extremely flexible; they completely eliminate problems that might arise in security systems that use passwords or other forms of key combination systems that can be hard to remember. There is no need for memorizing difficult codes or passwords.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Biometric gunvault offers significant cost savings and a good increased ROI in areas such as loss prevention, most especially for your costly and sensitive belongings.


  • DANGER TO OWNERS OF SECURED ITEMS: In cases of robbery, when an intruder or thief cannot gain entrance to a secured item or properties, there is a chance that the intruder will try to assault the owner of the property in order to gain access. If the item is secured within a biometric gunvault or device, the damage to the owner could be irreversible, and could potentially cost more than the secured item.

We recommend that you keep yourself, your family and your environment safe, please be security conscious, as you are the key to the secured storage or safe.

  • FALSE ACCEPTANCE/REJECTION: Though most of today’s biometric gun safes are extremely sophisticated, so false acceptance or false rejection cases are to the barest minimum. A false acceptance is when an individual is allowed passed the system although they are not registered user; situations like this could occur when a person is similar to a user or has copied the user’s biological traits.

A false rejection occurs when the gunvault falsely rejects a registered user and not allowed access, this could occur when a user’s traits does not match their stored information in the database, even a simple temperature change in the safe area can contribute to this.

We recommend that you buy a biometric gun safe, which has supplementary verification systems, where you can enter a set of key combinations or enter a password to unlock the safe. Though cases like this are extremely minimal. I have never experienced false acceptance or rejection with my biometric gun safe or gunvault.

Also we recommend that you store the safe under acceptable temperature, please always read the user manual for various specifications and conditions.

You should always carry out all necessary maintenance that the safe deserves; this requires that you wipe out the surface of the fingerprint scanner, at least 2-3 times a week. Hey! Don’t let it collect dust; store it in a safe place where you can easily locate it.

Top 5 Fingerprint Gun Safe Reviews

Our reviews are based on several factors:

  • Our years of experience, testing out and using various biometric firearms safes, such as the: (GVB 2000, GVB 1000, SV500, BARSKA Biometric Safe, Sentry Safes, e.t.c.).
  • Extensive market research on the best gunvault in the market, based on consumer satisfaction, feedbacks and ratings.
  • Reviews and feedback from families and friends who have used similar products.

Any of these biometric gun safes would be great buys; however it still comes down to personal preference.

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Certainly, biometrics technology is still evolving, so there is still room for improvement. However biometric gun safe is still a great way of protecting your firearms. They are very flexible to use and they are easily accessible especially in times of emergencies. Though firearms storage will mostly evolve over the years, this type of safes will not be an exception and would still be around for a while. When searching for a firearm vault that delivers safety, quality, durability and quick access, then going with any of the best biometric gun safe highlighted above is certainly a good direction to go.

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